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PD Solutions Supply Update

In order to keep customers, healthcare professionals and patients informed of the peritoneal dialysis (PD) supply situation due to increased demand for sterile solutions in the U.S., we have created the following section on our Web sites. Here, you can find the latest information about the situation and the steps Baxter is taking to address the situation and provide PD patients with the therapies and solutions they need to perform treatment.

Baxter's primary goal is to ensure that patients' needs for PD solutions are met, and we have taken a number of actions to help improve service levels and expedite product deliveries:

  • Increased production of PD solutions to maximum capacity in amounts exceeding those of prior years,
  • Planned for further capacity expansion dedicated to PD solutions in the first quarter of 2015,
  • Implemented new delivery notification alerts/tracking systems to improve service levels,
  • Increased the current fleet of Baxter drivers and the use of commercial carriers to expedite shipments,
  • Added 45 new carriers to expand deliveries beyond normal business hours for some partial shipments, and
  • Monitored inventory and prioritized clinical access to meet patient needs on an equitable basis.

We understand the critical role our products play in home dialysis treatments and are working diligently to explore alternatives to increase the supply of products available for the U.S. market.
We are committed to keeping you informed of the latest developments so please check back here for the most recent communications.

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7/28/14- PD Supply Update for Patients
7/25/14- UPS Shipment Tracking Information

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